Location: 6 44.10'S 118 22.97'W

Another uneventful yet awe-inspiring day aboard Argo. Sails are still flapping as there has been yet another day with little wind. However, the temperature is starting ebb as the clouds gain more coverage. We passed 6 degrees South, so hopefully, we will exit the doldrums soon and find ourselves with full sails. For class today, we had Leadership where we talked about recognizing strengths and weaknesses. PSCT students learned about Salvage Law and how to acquire money from rescuing boats in danger. For lunch, Tina cooked an incredible lasagna, and for dinner, BBQ chicken sandwiches. As the end of the trip nears, and the Marquesas approach, schedules are being filled, and assignments are becoming a more and more central part of passage life. During any moment of free time had, we can usually find the salon filled with students doing navigation work for Ian or writing their research paper for Caroline. There is an eerie yet incredible feeling that comes with the knowledge that we are the farthest away from land possible on Earth. With this also comes an excitement to share these experiences and stories, showing itself in the conversations of home and what we miss most.

Watch team two is now entering into the 8-12 watch as the sunsets.

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