Location: 7 33.69'S 121 06.54'W

Although it has rained for most of the day, that weather has come with a blessing. When watch team three came up for watch at 11:50 PM yesterday, Tina had managed to find us some wind! With Captain Ben and Simon’s help, we loosened the main staysail and put a preventer on it as well. While the wind lasted for most of the rest of our watch, when we came up this morning at 11:50, the main staysail was sheeted in again. However, we soon ran into some rain and more wind. We let out the forward two sails again, and then after our lunch of cheese, quesadillas Ian and Ben decided that we had enough wind to raise the Mainsail! Before cleanup, we turned into the wind and began the process. I was lucky enough to helm, but it was very difficult to hold the ship straight into the wind. The forward two sails were pushing us downwind so hard that as soon as we switched which side of the wind we were on, we were blown down nearly 30 degrees before I was able to turn the wheel enough to get us moving in the right direction. We were also heading very close to head-on into the waves, which made the boat pitch more than it has since our passage into Cartegena. Thanks to the hard work of Anna and Audrey, we managed to get the mainsail up and turn back down to our course. During cleanup, the wind remained extremely strong, and we were able to turn the engine off! At the Squeeze, almost everyone who had a turn at the helm mentioned how much they had enjoyed it, and a lot of people were also grateful for how quiet the boat was. After lunch, we had more Nav practice for MTE, and the PSCT crew had another class on the law. Although we turned the engine back on and took down the mainsail around 5:00, our dinner finished off a very fun day of passage with some very well prepared spaghetti and meat sauce and snickerdoodles! Unfortunately, prom has been postponed until tomorrow due to some trouble with one of the benches in the salon that Ian and Ben are working to fix.

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