Location: 7 40.73'S 123 51.60'W

Hello friends and family!!

I am proud to announce that after making it past the halfway mark on our longest passage, we still have all managed to stay at least partially sane! Today the sunshine finally agreed to grace us with her presence, after a few soggy days in a row, giving the clothes on the lines (and our hair) a chance to finally dry! Meanwhile, sleepless Argonauts found every moment we were not on watch or completing our jobs to add the final touches to our 4-page literature reviews for OCE. Once our papers were finally submitted, we began to get excited about SOM PROM!!! (For those of you that don’t know –AKA most of the students aboard and Simon– SOM stands for “Spring Ocean Mester”)

The theme for Prom was “Seasons of Love,” and the head of the decorations committee, Hannah, made some awesome giant snowflakes and flowers, and Audrey and I made a sign. We hung all of our creations in the saloon as well as various headlamps and tissue paper to make the regular boring lights look much more prom worthy! By 8 oclock, the Argo saloon had made a drastic transformation and looked extra prom-worthy!! All the shipmates arrived in our best clothes and danced the night (or half-hour, one and the same really) away!

**Some mentionable SOM PROM outfits– Tom arrived in a shirt that really complimented his prom date’s (Carolyn) eyes!! But he also made sure to wear his tie, aka a sail tie.

Princess strutted in wearing a full denim tuxedo that he had secretly brought aboard with him! We are all still confused as to where he found the room to pack it.

Xandy rolled up, wearing a fashionable bowtie made of line.

Grantis awed Audrey with his debut of his newfound man-bun, it looks truly spectacular.**

After the 30 minutes or so of dancing/falling/hitting heads on tables, we all headed up on deck to enjoy some amazing treats that the snack committee (Anna, Henry, and Carolyn) prepared. Mrs. and Mr. Kovacs… Carolyn has asked me to spread the word that she is becoming a professional cheesecake maker; the cheesecake she made was out of this world! We finished up the evening by stargazing and some post-prom dancing, overall it was another wonderful day!!

Friends and fam– I love you lots! Happy belated birthday Kale





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