Location: St. BartsÂ…playground for the rich and famous.

It’s been another easy day for the shipmates of Ocean Star. A gentle Bob Marley awakening was followed by yet another delicious breakfast. Most of the rest of the day was open for everyone to make the most of being on a dock with free access to showers, creperies, shops (including my favorite- Banana Moon) and a lovely beach known as Shell Beach due to the amazing number of shells in the place of sand. Just around the corner from Shell Beach the more adventurous shipmates got a thrill from the great cliff jumping cliffs. Nick got a famous Captain Kevin haircut, while Kyle opted for the more traditional barber route. The divemaster candidates also got one step closer to reaching their goal by leading some Discover Scuba Diving’ students (Kyle and Dan are nominated for the Ocean Star Oscars with their performances as the students). The candidates all did very well and are turning into great dive leaders, despite Barry the Barracuda trying to put them off by hanging around a little too closely. A welcomed special mac and cheese dinner was followed by a Marine Biology exam and currently the students are all enjoying what’s been claimed by Nash and Josh as “the best desserts in the world”. One final notetoday it was discovered that as cute, small and innocent as Geraldine may seem, she can send both the Captain and a dinner table flying with only the smallest of nudges. We very nearly had an impromptu night dive/ rescue dive to save both as they very nearly went overboard. People, you have been warned!