Location: 2 58.94'N 84 47.40'W

Today was another routine day aboard Argo as we furthered our passage to the Galapagos. However, the word “routine” should in no way be confused with “boring” because it was far from the latter. We enjoyed our watches as usual and got to go for another swim in the Pacific. It’s a pretty cool feeling looking down into the water that you’re floating in, knowing that there are over 3000 meters of water and an unfathomable amount of life just beneath your toes. During our swim, we were approached by a small group of dolphins. Although they didn’t come within 50 yards or so, it was still pretty unreal being in the water that close to a pod of such amazing creatures. We are currently on course to be crossing the equator in less than 2 days, which is something the entire boat is looking forward to tremendously. Our Oceanography exam today went well for everyone. It sounds like, which I know is a relief to everyone. It’s pretty crazy to think that we’re almost halfway through our epic voyage. It seems like we were in BVI not a week ago. I can already sense that this next passage after the Galapagos is going to fly by at the speed of light, which is unfortunate, but I can confidently say that everybody onboard Argo is having the time of their life and can’t think of a better way to spend the next 47 days. To all the parents, I know you probably aren’t used to being out of contact with your children for a week at a time, but I’m sure you’ll all get phone calls as soon as we hit land in the Galapagos on Wednesday. Until then, keep checking in for updates on our trip!

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