Location: 1 02.49'N 86 51.26'W

I started my day with an 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. watch. During the 8-12 morning watch, we take the time to gather plankton and nutrient samples from the sea, which we will be sending to a sailing research vessel called Indigo V. Their research is to determine the approximate “health” of the ocean by collecting primary producers such as plankton, which are the base of the food chain and also seeing whether shipping lanes have any effect on these primary producers. In addition to the samples we took, we also had Marine Biology and Oceanography class today; it was a pretty science-packed day. After class, we had a mid-ocean jump showers yet again, which is always a fun experience. Except, the water is getting slightly colder with every day we draw nearer to the Galapagos. Aside from there being no wind, it was yet another great day at sea. We have been lucky enough to have really calm seas on our passage to the Galapagos, which makes for an easy galley experience for our chefs. Tomorrow we cross the equator, and all of us pollywogs will finally become shellbacks after our equator crossing ceremony with a special guest appearance from King Neptune. It should be an interesting day.


Photo 1 – Soofer, Xander and I sampling the water for nutrients and plankton

Photo 2 – Spence and Nick jumping off of the bowsprit during our mid-ocean showers

Photo 3 – Henry doing a load of deck laundry