Location: 0 14.84'S 88 33.83'W

We’ve come to the official halfway point in our journey! This morning, we were all scurrying around doing our final preparations for the long-awaited equator crossing. Two things were required of us, a costume that fit with the theme of mermaids, pirates, and sea creatures, and an offering to give to Neptune to assure us safe passage across the Pacific. We had been warned repeatedly about the terrible punishment that we faced if either requirement weren’t up to par. Once Argo was within sight of the equator, the ship’s horn sounded, and the crew that had never crossed the equator before was allowed out of their holding down below. When we came upon deck, Davy Jones, the Royal Barber, the Royal Baby, Amphitrite, and King Neptune himself were waiting for us. One by one, Davy Jones called us up to present our costumes and our offerings to King Neptune at the helm. The offerings ranged anywhere from an original poem to a pigtail full of my own hair. When Neptune was pleased with the offering, we brought forth upon him, we all cheered; however, for three unlucky crewmembers, their offerings were rejected. The price they were forced to face was a mouthful of some unknown substance that made us all cringe. The next step we all had to complete in order to please Neptune was to kiss the Royal Baby, portrayed by our fellow shipmate, Spence. It seemed like a simple feat until they covered him in a mixture of peanut butter, soy sauce, and many more unknown ingredients. He was way too happy, giving us each a face full of this concoction. Our final step was to crawl around on the deck while Davy Jones blasted us with the fire hose and then finally making us walk the plank on the southern side of the equator. Once we no longer smelled of rancid peanut butter, we all chipped in to make Argo look spotless before coming into the Galapagos early this morning.

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