Location: Bequia, SVG

Waking up at midnight for my routine watch started my morning. I’ve really gotten used to waking up in the middle of the night for an hour and immediately heading back to bed. For 7:00, wake up I let Tate play her “chill” playlist, which consisted of Jack Johnson to calmly wake everyone up.
After breakfast, we played a study game that prepared everyone for our exam coming up in the next couple of days. Next, the first dive group (including me) did our buoyancy dive. In this dive, we practiced being neutrally buoyant while playing a bunch of games. In these games, we swam through a big square with all of our dive gear on without touching the edges and floated around like hovering buddhas. Following our dive, Sophie provided us with a delicious bean and corn taco lunch. After lunch, some people got to go to land because they didn’t get to go in the previous days. I used this time to take a long nap that was very well needed. Others stayed back and finished up the literature presentation that is due tonight.
The whole crew was very pumped all day because we had a sign-out night planned for today. We got some free time on land to get some last-second souvenirs before enjoying an amazing lobster dinner along with some cold drinks. The cool breeze of the water, an amazing sunset, and live music was the perfect way to end off the night.
Tomorrow we will continue with our advanced dive course, and I am super excited to get back underwater with the fish.

Signing out till next time,

1-View of Bequia
2-Eamon “the dog whisperer.”
3-Live Music at The Fig Tree
4,5,6,7,8- Lucia and Logan’s pre-dinner photoshoot
9-Walking next to the water