Location: Lower Bay, Bequia

It was yet another beautiful morning on the Ocean Star! Today we had an action-filled day of diving, so it was my job to make sure everyone was up and prompt for breakfast. Our advanced diving for today consisted of the Fish ID course. Us certified divers went on a dive with slates to record the fish we discovered while on our dive and exploring the reef. A picture of one of these slates is included with Quinn’s drawing on an “unknown species.” This fish apparently had a big nose as well as a big smile, according to our local fish expert Quinn. The rest of our day consisted of each of our dive groups completing our dive. In between these dives, we had the opportunity to swim and enjoy the beautiful weather. As I am writing this in the chart house, the beautiful weather did not last for long… Right after dinner, and right now, we are having a crazy squall out of nowhere. The rain is pouring down at the moment, and I saw the wind speed peak at about 38 knots. I am feeling lucky to be in the chart house at the moment as I heard joyful yells on deck from the crazy weather. Due to our busy day of diving, we are about to have our Oceanography class right after clean up now.

Scuba Sam signing off! See you again in another 20 days 🙂