Location: Bequia, St. Vincent

I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have an anchor watch last night, so my morning started a few minutes before 7. At this point, everyone has fallen into the routine of what their mornings look like. Because of this, quite a few people were already awake working out, meditating, or just having some alone time (a rare occurrence here). After a breakfast of yogurt and granola, we gathered for marine biology class, where we learned about different multicellular organisms. Afterward, we split into two groups to begin our advanced open water training. Eamon and I (the two people who came certified) only had our beginner certification. This was our first diving class. We learned how to navigate underwater and use our compass. Although Eulalie and I accidentally started floating to the surface, and Eamon and Logan made a shape that definitely wasn’t a square, we all had fun and got the skills down. The afternoon group even got some additional skills as they practiced underwater flips. After both groups had gone and had Seamanship class had finished, we had a delicious dinner of fried rice with pineapple and chicken. Most of us are finishing our night by completing our leadership essays about our challenge course, which means that I have to leave for now. Good night everyone!

Ps: Hola mama, te quiero mucho (: – lucia (:((:(:(:(:(:
Photo 1: The salty pit
Photo 2: our morning coffee and tea drinkers (missing Lucia)
Photo 3: Stef/The Mountain after climbing the ladder with her dive kit on (it’s harder than it looks)
Photo 4: A mega rainbow