Location: Nevis, St. Kitts

Wowzers bowsers! We only have 12 days left! So sad! Today marked some pretty big milestones for the program. We started the day with (another/the first, depending on who you ask) successful arepas breakfast cooked by our head chef Alex and his sous chef, Sunny and Fizz. We even had a drive-by visit from Vela! Not our sister ship, unfortunately, but a cool encounter nonetheless. After clean-up, the rescue divers got two kits ready to hop in the water to do their final rescue skills! Rescue 8 and 10 are pretty exhausting skills with entrances, towing, rescue breaths, and of course, the dreaded exits! Each student had to pull a “victim” out of the water and into the dinghy. A simple enough task to say, but it proves to be very tricky in practice! Irv pontoons are pretty slippery, and keeping ahold of the victim with their head out of the water whilst you haul yourself in the dinghy first is challenging enough. Then, the rescuers have to haul their victim into the dinghy to prepare for CPR. A lot of methods were used to get people out of the water- some more graceful than others- but all a success! After everyone was saved, we had a classic lunch of BLTs before heading down into the salon for the last oceanography lecture of the semester- incredibly sad! Tears were shed, I’m sure. Shout out to Sam for teaching these guys the wonders of the ocean and all her properties. Leadership was next on the schedule, and Isaac did great, preparing a fun and interactive class! Finally, we had passage prep (one of the last), as we are heading to St. Barths in the morning- wooohooooo! Nevis has been wonderful-from the beautiful sunsets to the perfect place for our rescue course to some fun shore adventures, but we are all super excited to head to our final new country of the trip. With classes winding down, exams just around the corner, and return flights looming, everyone is soaking up all that life is here on Ocean Star.

Shout out to my family; super excited to see a few of you in June and the rest in August! Love you all! Happy belated second birthday to my nephew Colton and moving into a big boy bed 🙂

All my best and good vibes,