Location: Gustavia, St. Barts

A list because I slept all day and didn’t have the brainpower to connect my sentences.
– We sailed to St. Barths today! It was delicious.
– Chef Bretty “cooked” us yogurt, cereal, granola, and fruit for breakfast. Mmmm. Delectable.
– We raised sails, but sadly not the foresail because it’s mega ripped.
– Nevis was so peaceful and flat it cursed us with land legs. So, unfortunately, many of us spent today’s sail sick and on the low side.
– We put the fish up today! For those of you who may not know, the fish is a “sail” described by Hedrek and Bretty as “sick” and “fast.” To me, it looked like a giant rusty bedsheet.
– After putting the fish up, watch team 1 go into action while the other two teams napped.
– About 2 hours into napping, we were violently woken up by our good friend, the bilge alarm. As Rachel and I emerged from the hole, we were pleasantly surprised to find temperatures had dropped to what felt like 30 degrees F, and a major downpour. Winds reached over 50 knots, and waves came crashing 10 feet above our heads. Bummer. Fortunately, the squall only lasted a few minutes after Rachel, and I surfaced.
– We then took the sails in a bit while Hedrek checked the bilges. Just a little water in the engine bilge. Back to bed, we go!
– We regrouped as we approached St. Barths and enjoyed Baby Boy Bretty’s incredible chili for dinner. It was unbelievable, life-changing, 5-star.
– We ended the night with a sunset, anchor dropping, and ultra-speedy cleanup.
– Now it’s time to study for Nav Master, which is happening in just two days. Yikes. Scary. Ugh. Wish us luck! We will need it.
Over and out!

Photo 1: live, laugh, love, sail.
Photo 2: low side lifestyle.
Photo 3: Sam on the helm!
Photo 4: underway dishes.
Photo 5: missing our foresail.
Photo 6: raise that fish!
Photo 7: hello, St. Barths!
Photo 8: hello, pretty sailboat!
Photo 9: hello, sunset!