Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Day 70?!? What the heck. Today was pretty chill – a welcome change of pace from the jam-packed rescue-filled days we’ve been having. We all awoke to a beautiful new anchorage in St. Barths. The vibe is very different here – I haven’t been on land yet, but so far, I feel like we’re in the Med. There are superyachts all around us (one even with a helicopter), and the water is an absolutely gorgeous blue. I always think the water is a gorgeous blue. But this is a really nice, unique shade. Very clear. Very blue. Very pretty. Like a postcard! It matches the blue on our milk cartons, actually. So if any of you drink milk from a carton, it’s like the blue on the Belle Hollandaise Lait Demi-Ecreme cartons.
After appreciating our surroundings and eating a delicious breakfast of muffins and potatoes (we’re told by chef Kelly it’s a Hawaiian classic), everyone reveled in their last marine bio lecture. We love learning about the ocean!! Then we had some time to put the boat to bed and organize our personal spaces. Then I went down below to tend to some accounting (how fun!). When I emerged, everyone was shooting water out of syringes and into each other’s belly buttons…. weirdos. It all started with potatoes. Ash had them clean out pre-spiced potatoes to learn about wound cleaning for EFR. And naturally, everyone turned to syringing each other. Ash assures me the potatoes were sufficiently cleaned as well : D
The rest of the day was spent practicing Nav Master, as their big exam is tomorrow!! I’m already so proud of them and all the practice and hard work they’ve put in.
Then we had a delish dinner of pad thai and answered the question, “What was your favorite childhood game?” Many liked Man-hunt (also known as hide and seek in the dark). Sunny’s favorite was pretending she was a deer while her sister pretended to be a wolf and ran around chasing her, all while Sunny sang, “we are deer, and you are wolves, and deer are better than wolves!” Duh. Didn’t everyone play that game?

That’s all for now!