Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Day 71. Wow. The fated nav master day. We did it!! We took the exam with honestly a pretty successful passing rate of 8/12. I personally am very proud that everybody did it and also very glad that we can soon stop studying. We split into three groups in order to spread out while taking the exam (charts are big) and got to explore St. Barths while the other groups were taking their exam. Irv (our beloved dinghy) actually became an airline as we caught mega air off the waves and soared our way to town. Sunny, Alex, Ela, and I had a great afternoon of shopping (rip my bank account from this very boujee island) and eating yummy sushi and crepes. I think Savy, Sarah, and Kelly went shopping and explored a beach?? And Isaac and Fizz and Mackie got a yummy lunch?? Unsure of the details, but I know Isaac got a turtle shirt that he’s pretty stoked about. We wrapped up the night with a delicious buffet of baked potatoes and nachos made by the talented galley team of Isaac, Mackie, and Savy. I believe we’re going to try to fit in an oceanography movie tonight about (I think) conservation, fishies, water, pollution, blah blah blah, all that cool stuff, so I’m going to wrap this up.

xoxo, Sierra

p.s. this is my last time as skipper, so goodbye forever, loyal blog readers
p.s.s. Mom, Dad, Q, Kayla, Mozzie, Laci: I can’t wait to see you guys (and give you all the cool stuff I bought you on these islands <3). Love you!!!!

pic 1- Ela Fizz and Alex from the other night because I didn’t have that many blog photos
pic 2- Ela!!!
pic 3- sunset 🙂
pic 4- Sunny, Alex, and Ela
pic 5- a chair just for Mackie!!!!!