Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Woke up to a surprise visit from the Easter bunny today! Everyone scurried out of bed to find candy placed around the boat. Then we all heard about the early morning sinking of Ostar! Apparently, at about 4 am, Isaac heard the rushing of water which happened to be the forward bilge filling due to a broken ac circulation pump. So Issac and Ela saved us from sinking, but sadly the pump couldn’t be saved, and we will be without ac for a while:(. Amanda made some delicious banana bread for breaky; then we rolled right into our last oceanography quiz after cleanup. We then had our final oceanography exam review, then continued into a heated debate on Whaling for class. For lunch, we had spring roll bowls, then started shuttles to shore. Onshore people had time to get a quick drink/ice cream before we hopped in a taxi to head to the beach! We all had a great time surfing and messing around on the beach. On our way back, the taxi driver stopped so we could get out of the van and watch an airplane come in on what seemed like the smallest runway ever! One side is a cliff, then the other side is the ocean, and it is wicked cool to stand on the cliff as the plane flies overhead. For dinner, we had taco bowls, then Amanda made us easter cookie cakes that were so yummy. We all ended the night working on our final leadership essays that were due at midnight.

pic 1: Sam and her 12 kids at the beach
pic 2: Everyone headed in to catch some waves
pic 3: all lined up and ready
pic 4: practicing our surfing stance
pic 5: surf pros
pic 6: easter cookie cakes!