Location: Ile Fourchue, St. Barths

For me and everyone else who lives less than 25 feet from the galley, today started bright and early! We woke up due to a harsh, blinding, ear screeching beeping in the galley due to the propane sensor. Thankfully with the help of His Honor Heddy and Sam, it stopped. Then started again, then stopped, then started again, and then stopped finally. And then started one more time.
Unfortunately, sickness has reached the boat (not COVID), so as we were waiting for breaky, some of us, myself included, poured ourselves tea and Vitamin Cs (thanks mom, for making me bring some) while others were last-minute writing and turning in the OCE research paper.
Then we had breaky which was made by Sam- pineapple and frittata! And after cleanup, we took our last OCE Exam!! Yay!! We all passed with 100%- aren’t we smart?
Then it was time to dive! For those who couldn’t or didn’t want to dive, we stayed back and watched the Emperor’s New Groove! When the divers came back, they told me they saw barracuda, squids, and huge parrotfishes! Tomorrow we will get the chance to dive it again!
After a super yummy Mediterranean lunch courtesy of Sam, we were spied on by the French Coast guard. They came super close to us, anchored on top of us, then spun away while lifting their anchor back up. The French are weird (except for me).
Then after lunch was time for a Seamanship lesson by Heddy about how to use the VHF and proper terms. However, we decided we wanted to watch Moana instead. So we all did, and Heddy and Sam joined us! After Moana ended, we did have to do the VHF stuff tho. Then it was ocean shower time!!!
Then we had Curry and did squeeze. My question today was, “If the person to your left was a holiday fictional character, who would they be?” Ash said that I would be a cherub, to which I responded the naked babies, and he said yes, so that’s cool. Anyways, it was a pretty chill day. Now we are going to watch the videos we took of our leadership beach games, so bye-bye.

Pic 1- Bretty using the everything bagel fabuloso
Pic 2- sam showing us the answers to our exam written on her leg
pic 3- me and Fizzy watching Emps New Groovee
pic 4- whatever happened in VHF school
pic 5- decky team
pic 6- watching moanaaaaaaaa (where sunny is the ocean and Alex is the chicken)
pic 7- pretty St Barths sunset