Location: UW from St. Barths to Antigua

We woke up to our breezy anchorage and our last day in St. Barths. We started the morning with two dive groups for our last possible fun dive of the trip, and they went all by themselves with no staff! It’s almost like we’re real divers or something! (I couldn’t go cause I was feeling sick but had a lovely morning of card games with Rae). Oh, and they swam with a shark, and I am super jealous. Double skipper day for me of being a normal skipper and elected skipper for our student-led passage, aka last passage of the trip:((((((. Also, last leadership class ever; thanks to Ash for all your wisdom. We passage prepped throughout the day, Isaac doing all his engineering duties and getting the boat’s engine ready to go. Me and Sierra (our navigator) used our Nav Master skills the night before to chart out our passage and plan out our night. After all the passage prep got done, we got to the fun part, me bossing everyone around… just kidding. I decided that a nice sunset cruise was the way to go, so we headed out while eating some yummy chilly that Sierra and sous chefs made and watched the sunset. Then we got our sails up for the last time ever, did clean up, and then watch teams start. My watch team was lucky enough to have the 4-8 watch (the sunrise watch), so we watched the stars until the sun rose, which was beautiful. Shout out to my watch team, road runners for life… meep meep. We sailed in around 10 am and got all the sails down and anchored at our new spot, five islands in Antigua, then had a lazy morning of sleeping and breakfast somewhere in between the sleeping, and now we are here in this really pretty anchorage!

Skipper Fizzy

Picture 1: Isaac (right) with a shark (left)
Picture 2: Brett and Alex teaching us leadership
Picture 3: Ela flaking the chain (last flake?)
Picture 4-5: sunset cruisin’