Location: Five Islands, Antigua

You are maybe wondering about the title of the blog. This was someone’s answer to the question, “If money was no object, what job would you want?”

Our day started a little different than normal as we were underway from Saint Barts to Antigua, this time completely student-led! Student-Led Passage is what the whole semester builds towards. Students take overall leadership positions and take complete ownership of moving Ocean Star from ONE COUNTRY TO ANOTHER (read that last bit again) with minimal assistance from staff.

Watch team 1, also known as Alpha Dogs, started the day off with their watch at midnight until 4 am. They had a somewhat eventful watch as Savvi B, Ela, and Kelly went down to the galley. The version I heard was that Savvi B was checking the galley bilge, Kelly and Ela were getting some beans for snacks, Kelly didn’t realize that the bilge was open and fell in with her cans of beans. Don’t worry, the beans and Kelly are ok. At 4 am, watch team 2 took over for the sunrise watch. Due to the wind angle, we were slightly off course, so we had to sail just past Antigua and then tack over to come back up towards our anchorage. Unfortunately, the wind wasn’t working for us and so had to continue the last part of our journey by motor sail. This is when watch team 3 took over for the last time one watch.

As we arrived from our overnight passage, we had a relaxed morning, and everyone met back up for lunch prepared by Savvi B and her chef team. After lunch, the crew put the boat to bed (a term we use when putting sail covers back on and undoing the prep for passage) and then took their final biology exam. Sam also introduced them to a Seamester tradition of writing cards to each other for the end of the trip as a way to show appreciation to each other and for the memories made.

I was able to take some photos of the three watch teams and wanted to give some more details on the teams.

Watch Team 1 – aka Alpha Dogs, led by Hedrek
Members – Hedrek, Kelly (Chief Mate on the student-led passage), Sarah, Ela, and Savvi B (Watch Team Leader on student-led passage)
Sound – Woof Woof
Known for – Alpha tea time, winning the challenge course

Watch Team 2 – aka The Road Runners, led by Ash
Members – Ash, Sierra (Navigator on student-led passage), Brett, Fizz (Skipper on student-led passage), Mackenzie (Watch Team Leader on student-led passage)
Sound – Meep Meep
Known for – being the fastest watch team, not being the fastest watch team during the challenge course

Watch Team 3 – aka Bioluminati led by Sam and Amanda
Members – Sam, Amanda, Alex (Watch Team Leader on student-led passage), Sunny, Rae, Isaac (Engineer on student-led passage)
Sound – Blurg, Woosh, Wagga Wagga, Neenar, Ribit, Pew Pew
Known for – Team chill and fun, holding the record for the longest time for the challenge course… ever