Location: 5 islands, Antigua


It’s your girl BACK AT IT AGAIN for another blog. How are you? You’re doing great, GOOD. Let me tell you about my day- because it has been CRAZY. It’s day 77 here on ol’ O Star, and we did a lot. We started off the morning with a scenario bright and early. Because we are training to be rescue divers, we are required to pass two scenarios to complete our certification. Around 6:52 am (in the water with gear on), Sam was unconscious, Amanda was panicked, and Heddy was just, well, Heddy. I jumped into the water alongside my shipmates to make our rescue. I went to Sam and followed my training exactly. I went to start giving her rescue breathes and swim her back to the boat when I heard from the distance “SAMANTHAAAAAAAA” said in a British accent and thought, oh gosh. Heddy jumped into the water and tried to tackle my victim while Ela and I fought him off. We got everyone back to the boat and saved successfully!

Next, we had a VHF class which consisted of Heddy holding up a printed copy of Smashes powerpoint and teaching us things like procedure words- like saying “say again” translates to repeat your message, “over” men’s invitation to reply and “out” means you are not expecting a reply- so the phrase “over and out” should never be used contradictory to current day cartoons.


After we reviewed the phonetic alphabet and proper radio and distress callings, we sat down to take our exam. Let’s just say there were BIG smiles all around after we got our certification scores back. After that, we all crammed our presentations in to present them later this day. We had lunch and went over our rescue exams. After our rescue exams, we had our second scenario of the day- this time, it was 10x more chaotic with Alex and Sunny in the water as victims as well. There was so much going on in this one- Heddy was at the bottom unconscious, Amanda was panicked at the surface with lung over-expansion, Sam was a very concerned mother of Heddy, and Alex and sunny had an extreme amount of cramps and were annoyingly in the way. It was great! We saved everyone again and became fully certified! After this, we did a messy BA where we cleaned out the bilges, line lockers, had a massive pit, anchor locker, ad more.

Then we went to a cave near our anchorage and got to snorkel it! Savvy B and I pretended we were mermaids in H2O. It felt like a big wave pool. It was insane; I loved it. Then we blasted music and all jumped in to take our last ocean shower, where we all jumped off the bowsprit and had a big group photoshoot. After some tears were shed about leaving, we gathered for dinner and went to bed.

Signing off,
Rae C.

PS. The photos are not from this day because Rae didn’t add any, and now I’m just adding ones that I have (Sam)