Location: Baie Povai, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Hello there! Well, today was an early day for some of us (including myself) waking up at 6:15 am to go for our second Open Water dive. It was a very smooth dive, I must say, and we were all very proud of ourselves for conquering a few more scuba skills. Breakfast was a delicious meal made of toast, eggs, sausage, and grapefruit made by our head chef Sam and her lovely sous chefs. As soon as breakfast was over, most of us put our snorkel or scuba gear on and went on the search for manta rays. Unfortunately, none were spotted, but a lot of amazing coral and fish were, so there were many upsides. And while most were on the dive, some of us stayed back to do laundry, relax, catch up on work, etc. But the most exciting event was the discovery of Internet! Yes, tears were shed, smiles broke out, and silence took over the boat as we all sat in complete bliss as we communicated with our loved ones. (Totally kidding about the tears). Once everyone was back from the Manta ray dive, we had chili and rice for lunch, which was fantastic. (Made by Captain Sam) Then the Marine Bio class proceeded to have a lecture led by the lovely Miss Carolyn, and the newbies (including myself, meaning the 66-day adventurers) went out on their third Open Water dive, which included some pretty awesome coral walls. Once the divers got back, we hosed all of our gear down, showered, and got ready for dinner. Mexican Lasagna and salad were served for dinner, which was a perfect way to end the day. However, even though the work was done, the night had just begun, and we all proceeded to go to shore for the evening. We went to a well-known restaurant called Bloody Marys and then took a bus (thanks to Jack and Alex B.) to the main town, where there was a festival taking place. There was traditional dancing being shown and taught, games, food, music, etc. It was a great night out, and I can speak for all of us when I say we truly appreciated being thrown in and witnessing the culture of Bora Bora. Once we got back to Argo, we all helped bring up the dinghies, some then watched Despicable Me, but most went to bed since we still had watch in a few hours.

All in all, a fantastic day aboard Argo! Hi Mom, Dad, and Steph, love, and miss you! I hope everyone back home is well and having a wonderful summer! Until next time!