Location: Underway to Isle de Salut in the Atlantic Ocean

Once again, today was a pretty typical Sea|mester passage day underway. We woke up this morning from the watercolor being blue to a greenish color which told us we were closer to Isle de Salut, an island chain a few miles off the coast of French Guiana. We started the afternoon off with a lunch full of sandwiches and fresh-baked bread from Mr. Chris Uyeda. After lunch, we had an MTE class where we learned how to plot course directions on water charts. Once class was over, the PSCT students rolled into a class, which involved learning how to graph tides and currents so that we can determine at which depth the water will be at, at any given time during the day for an exact location. Once the students were done with the graphing, they finished the class off with a COLREGS quiz on sounds. The rest of the day went as normal with dinner and watch teams. The watch teams need to be especially alert tonight since we will be approaching the island late at night/early morning for fishing vessels and any other obstructions in our way. I am very confident in the performance of our crew and that our next island approach and anchorage job will be a success.