Location: Isle de Salut, French Guiana

Early this morning, we were still sailing with the strong current and wind. We were on a course passing the island chain to kill time so that we could anchor safely at first light because Isle de Salut is surrounded by the same strong currents that we are using. This is one reason the islands were used as a penal colony. Around 0230, we jibbed and headed back towards the islands. Our friendly current was now working vigorously against us, and, oh, did we underestimate her strength. After the jibe, Argo was struggling mightily through crashing waves over the bow and heading upwind. We were just creeping along, barely managing even one knot. Although, the way we were getting soaked and thrown around would have made one assume we were breaking speed records. Thus we were forced to commit great sin and awake the powerful, noisy and dirty beast in Argo’s belly, the engine. Even then, the current was holding us back, allowing us only four knots. After a cold and wet early morning, the starboard anchor rattled down to the bottom of the sea. Everyone who woke for watch was greeted for breakfast by a view of two luscious and vibrantly green small islands. One can count the number of buildings on both islands with just two hands and possibly a foot if there happens to be some hidden on the other side. The day was spent darkening the bronze, but there was no lying on the beach. We tanned our backs as we cleaned the salt off Argo’s hulls, busted rust that is constantly battling for territory and made her shine. After boat appreciation, free time was granted that many people used as a time to relax, though a few ambitious folks tried to get ahead in some homework. Finally, the day was capped off with a scrumptious dinner tag teamed by our chefs from south the Mason Dixon, Steph, and Cat. On the menu were stuffed green peppers with a side of sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows. Yes, your eyes did not deceive you. That says marshmallows. Go back and reread it yourself if you don’t believe me. And, as an added surprise, we got dessert as if marshmallows weren’t enough. Once again, fruit going bad has been turned into an amazing and unexpected dish. This time the culprit was apples, and Annie turned them into the perfect apple crumble to top off the day. Tomorrow we will be going ashore for the day and apparently will be able to see the entire island in that time.