Location: Fort Bay, Saba

Today started out surprisingly uneventfully considering it was April Fools Day; everyone awoke early to work on our impending end of semester papers. Almost everyone was up before wake-up call, and we had a delicious breakfast of waffles with fruit and Nutella. Afterward, we had our second to last class for marine biology on artificial reefs and marine protected areas, both of which we have seen and visited on our voyage through the Caribbean. After class, we rolled into passage prep from Statia to Saba. We had the sails hoisted up in record time at 7 minutes and 18 seconds beating our past sail raise time. We still think we can do it faster! Our passage was several hours, so we broke up into two watch teams. We met back on deck for a delicious quinoa bake for lunch underway. This was the third student-lead passage we had planned so far, and it was a bit different than usual even for our captain Eric. The reason it was so different is that we usually head to Ladder Bay on the northeast side of the island, but a couple of days ago, the 48m mega yacht Elsa ran aground and is still stuck on the rocks. There is a massive salvage operation underway to re-float her, and the park authority here in Saba wanted everyone to keep clear. Once arriving in Saba, we got our sails down and anchored before having some much-needed study time to finish our papers and projects. Pizza for dinner and a leadership class rounded out our day. In a few days, we’re heading back to the BVI for the last leg of our trip. Dropping anchor in our last new country for the trip is a strange feeling. After traveling so much these past weeks, I am looking forward to getting back to the BVI for more adventures before having to head home and start a new adventure.

-Photo credits of Elsa to Guenter from Munich