Location: St. Eustasias

Twas the morning before April fools and the crew of Ocean Star awoke to the smell of cinnamon and sugar floating through every crevice of the ship. The chefs of the day had been cheerfully baking in the galley since the early hours of the morning. Without the assistance of coffee, they worked their magical little fingers, crafting beautiful glazed mountains of sugary dough. Much to our dismay, the glorious morning pastries known as cinnamon rolls were delayed and left the crew stretching their tan arms, rubbing their hazy morning eyes, and pondering what would come next. Marine Biology, of course! A quick lecture on polar sea creatures followed by a beautifully narrated BBC Blue Planet short would fill our minds and jumpstart the morning. After an absurd feast of hand, sized cinnamon rolls and frosting the crew dug their noses into book and binder, preparing for the struggle of the final days aboard. The sugar comas could be seen in every crewmember, there was no twinkle in their eyes, but only a fog of swirly cinnamon dust coating them as they struggled to prepare their dive gear for later in the afternoon. Luckily, spirits seemed to lift as we boarded the classy diving vessel, “E-Z Goin,” and endured a mildly strenuous journey over rolling seas to the dive site some 1000 meters away. The crew witnessed a trove of marine treasures aboard the artificial reef, including lobster fights, mating pufferfish, and the occasional turtle sighting. Once the dive was over, the crew made their way back home for some delicious cottage pie concluding the day.