Location: Tobago Cayes

My day began early today for my 4:30 am anchor watch with Anthony. There was a slight breeze, and it was overall really peaceful. Following my watch, I woke everyone up for breakfast. After breakfast, we began our passage prep which consisted of raising the sails, topping the booms, and other tasks. After a bit of sailing, we had cheeseburgers and salad for lunch by head chef Charlie and sous chefs Dre and Meghan. After a bit more sailing, we then reached our destination: Tobago Cayes. It is beautiful: the ocean extended for miles with the faint mountains from nearby islands in the background.

After arrival, we all loaded the dinghy’s and went to the beach. Despite having lived on a boat for 26 days, we had yet to spend time on an actual beach, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. We all explored the island, and the fact that it was an island with a population of 0 made it even more peaceful. As we walked around the island, we even saw some porcupine fish and eagle rays swimming near the shore in the water. We also saw a couple of crabs crawling on the shore.

After this, we all gathered around a few picnic tables to eat our lobster dinner on the beach. There was also rice, potatoes, and salad, and it all was a wonderful meal that everyone appreciated greatly. Around 8:00 pm, we started on our way back to Vela, and we all finished up our jobs for the day.

Photo 1: View from beach BBQ.
Photo 2: Sonnet and I wearing glasses.
Photo 3: Sonnet, Smash, and I during sailing.
Photo 4: Ethan, Hannah, and I in the hallway.
Photo 5: Charlie and I during passage.
Photo 6: Andrea and Maddie during dinner.
Photo 7: Anthony, Meghan, and I before beginning passage.
Photo 8: Katie, Maddie, and I during passage.
Photo 9: Bennitt and I during passage.