Location: Tobago Cayes

What a day! It started off with eating amazing homemade bagels in the rain and continued with two of our classes. During Oceanography, we learned all we need to know about water. A pretty handy thing to understand if you ask me, given that we are surrounded by it 24/7. Its liquid form gets us where we want to go, although I think we would all appreciate some solid water molecules from time to time. Some nice and cold ice cubes… I am drifting off-topic. The next class was leadership, during which we all learned what type of leaders we are. Our crew of leaders consists of logical thinkers, dreamers, motivators, and carersa strong squad, ready to tackle anything.

After class, we knew everything we needed to know in order to channel our inner Captain Jack or Jaqueline Sparrow (the island on which the pirate stranded is currently right next to us!!). And off we went to go turtle snorkeling. Unlike Jack, we were equipped with fins, masks, and GoPros instead of guns and rum. While Hannah and Ethan were exploring the little island, Colm was collecting plastic bottles from the beach, and Greg was channeling his inner mermaid; others were exploring the reefs and sandy patches for more than 3 hours! We saw turtles, eagle rays, pufferfish, sea stars, crabs, lobsters, and the list goes on. One only had to follow Katie’s or Sonnet’s screams of joy to find a new species to observe. Shona, Maddie, Sonnet, Drej, Anthony, Mackenzie, Andrea, and others snorkeled around the whole island to discover the true treasures of the ocean: More corals and fish! Appreciation of the day right there. The Ocean – connecting element of all and source of life, as Greg pointed out. Which is crazy!! No wonder we all feel so happy around it.

After surfacing and climbing back on board with next-level wrinkled hands, we ended the day with amazing stir-fried noodles by head chef Katelyn and Sue Chef Leoni and Will and by choosing where we would sleep if the ocean were to be our home. So if you cannot find us look in kelp forests, on sea cucumbers, between anemones, and in shipwrecks (possibly the Black Pearl?).

Until then, look at the horizon, and when the sun meets the sea on a full moon under Orion’s belt, you will find the legendary Vela and her crew.

Picture 1: Anthony and his new friend.
Picture 2: Bagels!!!!!
Picture 3: Meghan exited for snorkeling.
Picture 4: Mackenzie exited for snorkeling.
Picture 5: Greg exited for snorkeling (requested in black and white to cover up tan lines)
Picture 6: Sonnet snorkeling.