Location: Underway to St. Helena

Three days into our voyage to St. Helena, most of us have adjusted to the ever-changing watch schedule. Most of us are also over seasickness that unpleasantly surprised many of us on the first day at sea. Fortunately, the seas have been kind to us thus far; however, up until this past afternoon, we lacked the desired amount of wind needed to move at a preferred speed. It was quite relieving when the wind finally picked up around noon. Today was one of the warmer days we’ve experienced since being at sea. Between the overcast skies, the warm temps, and the distant rains, we had a full day of weather. We even got to see some marine life today. Beginning in the morning, we had a bird land on the bow of the boat just before sunrise, starling those on early morning watch. Then in the evening, we got to see three whales not far off from the port side of the boat.

Classes began just after lunch today, beginning with OCE (Oceanography). We continued our discussions on the Earth, about its composition and formation. To assist our understanding of the various layers of the Earth, Kimi provided us with some delicious chocolates. Even just three days into our passage, such delicacies as chocolate have become much coveted. After OCE, we gathered in the saloon once more for MTE (Seamanship). Smudge and Bryant would go on to classify and describe the various classifications of sailboats. By tomorrow night, we project to be undergoing the final thousand nautical miles of our passage and hope to arrive in St Helena in just under a week. We continue to enjoy the relatively calm seas and try to find time to study between the time spent on watch and sleeping!