Location: Underway to St. Helena

Night watch has a special place in the hearts of the crew aboard Argo. It’s a special time to have middle-of-the-night talks with your friends while entirely loopy and giggly because you are so tired and ready to go to bed, but also it’s a time of discovery. Night watch offers the crew the opportunity to really get to know the ocean on a more personal level. One example is on last night’s watch; a marine animal decides to just fall from the sky. Laughing hysterically at the fact that a squid had magically descended from the clouds allowed for late-night marine biology class, identifying the squid and hypothesizing how the squid had actually gotten aboard, rather than the dramatic reasoning of it being an offering from Neptune himself. Now day four into our passage to St. Helena, the days are starting to mush together. Every day offers new learning experiences but also has a repetitive routine for watch schedule, sleeping, studying, eating, and socializing. Most of us keep thinking events that happened on the very first day of our passage were merely hours ago. Argo certainly has been magical in that sense, allowing for all of us to bond over the intense schedule. Lately, we have all really appreciated the 30-minute power nap, and most of us will brag that we are pretty great at it. Everyone has learned so much since the first day of sailing. Vocabulary that originally was foreign to us a few days ago has now been etched into our minds like we were already pros. The sailing is going smoother, and the group is getting closer. It’s fantastic to watch the crew lead peer studying when it comes to terminology and other techniques that may have been brand new to those of us who came with less experience in the nautical world. Hopefully, the rest of this passage continues to go smoothly, and the crew, as per usual, will continue to grow and thrive in this beautiful oceanic environment.