Location: Underway to St. Helena

While endless waves crash against the boat, sending a salty spray of mist into the air, I look out into the ocean in pure amazement that, out here in the middle of the Atlantic, I part of the crew that is sailing our own little island across seemingly never-ending waters. The water looks different at night, not in a bad way in the least, but almost magical; late in the night watch I look into the waves and see stars on the swells, like the ocean itself is its own galaxy and it is not just reflecting the immense constellations that lie above looking down on Argo. It’s amazing to think that water doesn’t get old and that I’m sailing over the same waters and seeing the same stars as Christopher Columbus or any other pilgrim traveling to the new world saw. I zone back in as I scan the rest of the horizon before rising and moving to the center of the bow to rep out another set of pushups and sit-ups, all the while trying not to fall over as Argo tips and turns. Not only does this help me stay alert, but each day I also know and feel that I’m getting stronger and can do more and more. With time starting to blur by on the 8 to 12 watch, I get relieved on the bow and meander my way back to the cockpit to rejoin my watch team as we all fantasize about how good our bunks will feel in a few short moments. After meeting at midships for a debrief, we all retired to our cabins and settled down, finally giving peace to my restless eyes. I was awoken for my next watch at 8, and joined everyone in the mad scramble to get everything on correctly and get up to midship 10 minutes early. It was a good watch, with a little Boat Appreciation thrown in there by the staff just to keep us on our toes and keep Argo looking shiny and an even better target for passing albatrosses to try and mortar with little white bombs. After watch, we were all taught science by Kimi, then bonded together about stories from our high school days in SLD. I certainly made my share of mistakes, but I’m glad I can look back and laugh on most of them now with my close friends and fellow crew, who had similar experiences. Deck shower was after that and, as always, was a blast, everyone cycling through to get their time on the hose resembling a haggle of fairly organized cattle. Then I had some time to sit back on my bunk and read and chill with my cabin mates. Still cuddling up in the blanket I bought at the Atlanta airport before my 15-hour flight. As dinner wraps up, most of the crew head back to their cabins to try and sneak in as much sleep as they can before watch, and I, as per usual, meander back across the deck to the endless ocean and unbeatable sunset.