Location: Underway to St. Helena

We continue on today, but we have officially crossed the halfway point! I know that many of us are so excited to be halfway done with our first passage as crew on Argo. Our beautiful view of the deep blue ocean hasn’t changed in days, but none of us seem to mind. We take in the beauty of where we are as much as we possibly can. It seems that a week at sea has brought us closer than ever. It’s crazy to think that just about two weeks ago, we were all complete strangers, and now all of us work as one to sail Argo to a destination only reachable by ship. I have never personally been in a situation where I made friends this fast. Our day started out with a few clouds high in the sky before the chefs made us a delicious soup. After our quick clean-up, we all went down into the air-conditioned saloon for class. It started with Smudge and Bryant teaching us everything we need to know about safety upon Argo. They even made some of the students put on all the different floatation devices aboard. Then Emma took over with a nice presentation of some marine mammals. It was nice to get some more information about all the different animals we have seen since we left the dock in Cape Town.

After class, as usual, we went on deck for showers. Today’s showers went much better than yesterday as the hose stayed up long enough for everyone to rotate through. After showers, many of us sat down to study while a few went for a quick nap. The day started to wrap up with the squeeze question of what Disney character would you be. There were quite a few pirate answers and a lot of Emperor’s New Groove answers. I can’t believe two weeks have passed. I am truly thankful, as I am sure everyone else is, that I get to be part of the adventure this semester.