Location: Underway to St. Helena

If youve been following this blog post over the past week, you would expect more descriptions of the vast ocean space and the fact that we havent seen land for a week now. In truth, so did we. Most of us woke up this morning expecting a routine of watch, lunch, classes, showers, dinner, and another watch. Staff members, however, did not feel the same way. As we chewed on our last mouthfuls of lunch, there was a cry: Man Overboard!!! Our heads whip round to find that a life ring had morphed into an overboard victim, crying out to be rescued. Sails were dropped, the dinghy lowered, and the first aid team ready. The whole ordeal lasted 16 minutes, and our only thoughts were that if one of us should go overboard, the sea be as calm and the weather be as clear as today. On the topic of amazing weather, something many of us thought would have been much worse, the Atlantic Ocean treated us to a refreshing shower. Argo was brought to a halt as each crew member joined the queue to jump off the bow. There are a few dives and flips, but the award has to go to Smudges cannonball. Showers have become such an exciting part of our days; I wonder how disappointed well be when we have to step into cubicles again. As always, dinner commenced only after our squeeze question of the day. Except today came with a twist. It would be a squeeze request, and not a question, for a joke. With most people put on the spot, we heard a variety of good jokes, bad jokes, weird jokes, and a joke that ended with two crewmembers wiping a mouthful of water off their faces. St. Helena is only two days away, and the crew is getting increasingly excited about the prospect of seeing land. Watch, classes, and showers will occur as per usual, but today had us more alert and ready for any drill that might be thrown our way.