Location: Underway to the Marquesas

The days on our passage to the Marquesas have flown by. They have been filled with many watches, including hot watch, cereal watch, and sweat watch, studying for PSCT exams that are coming up and learning more in OCB, OCE, and SLD. Today was different, aside from having watch. We basically had a “free” day to do whatever we wanted while we weren’t helming or doing boat checks. Normally, people choose to take naps, sit down with a good book, or study for upcoming exams. However, following lunch, we all participated in Argo trivia! We were split up into teams of four and answered questions relating to boat life, music, science, spelling, Argo crew, and facts. I enjoyed this activity a lot, and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too. I liked how everyone could come together; it made the experience even better. The prize was great and included a huge bottle of Fiji water, a few Snickers bars, and Coca Colas. The winning team was lucky to get these! But overall, it didn’t matter about winning the prize. I had a good time, and I’m glad Leah and Britt decided to do this with us. This definitely made my day better and put smiles on all of our faces. Thanks, guys!