Location: Porto Azzurro, Elba

Today was another scuba day in beautiful Porto Azzurro. After a breakfast of some zucchini bread, we had Intro to Oceanography class with Will, learning about the ocean’s geography and the early ocean explorers. Then, after class, we got ready to SCUBA dive. I, unfortunately, could not join today because of a scrape on my knee that needs to heal a little more before getting into the ocean again. While the new divers got more situated with breathing underwater, the more experienced divers went to shore and explored this part of Elba more by hiking and cliff jumping. I spent my day on deck writing in my species journal about the birds, trees, and some fish I could see swimming near the surface. I wasn’t expecting how many boats would come close to Argo to take pictures of her and wave to whoever was on board. When everyone got back to the boat, we had curry for dinner, and the instructors surprised everyone with gelato for dessert.

P.S. Shout out to Erik for being a great trash master today.