Location: Rodney Bay, St Lucia

As the sun lingers past its apex in a prolonged state of mid-afternoon, as a play turns to an inebriated porter between scenes of violent misdeeds, and as a brisk allegro simmers down to an undulating andante amidst an impassioned sonata, so too does ‘Ocean Star’ now float on an eddy of middles, becalmed and tranquil in a state of heavy repose.

Everyone was quick to get out of bed this morning and assembled for an early breakfast of cereal and milk so that we could leave for another round of COVID tests. By 7:30, Irv was launched and the first group was flying to the marina at a wind-howling speed of 6 knots. Ben’s favorite sailboat, ‘Victoria,’ was still docked in her place at the harbor, and, much to our delight, our favorite nurses were still there to greet us at the clinic! The nurses seemed surprised to see us back so soon, and, either because we’d been there before or because the WiFi was working, though slowly, this time, it seemed that we got through faster than usual. On our way back to the marina, we passed Calum, who snagged Riley, Jodie, and Sophie to come provisioning with him, and then proceeded back to the boat. After getting back on board, we had an hour to work until it was time for a pasta bake, one of Steve’s specialties, which, today, apparently contained 2.5kg of cheese! The weight in our stomachs at the end of the meal was slightly offset by the general relief that filled the air after announcements when we learned that several upcoming assignments were being pushed back to give us more breathing room.

After lunch and cleanup, most people worked on their artificial reefs essays, while others took the time to study for the fish ID quiz or take a shower. Not too long after, Calum and the others returned from provisioning, and, after passing everything downstairs, we made a record of putting everything away in under 30 minutes! Upon finishing below deck, several of us headed up on deck to take showers before our last Oceanography lecture of the trip. The interval between Oceanography and dinner was an interesting one, filled with studying, writing, and the spectacle of Luke brushing Izzy’s hair while Julia played Nordic folk singing. After having Steve’s famous toad in a hole for dinner, we all gathered below deck for Seamanship, where we worked on finding variation and deviation (compass errors) given certain bearings. By the end of class, everyone was pretty tired from a long day and a general feeling of weariness that’s started to pervade even the less vulnerable among us, and, with our charts rolled up and put away, it was time to go to bed. Tomorrow, we have a hike ahead of us, and if the guide’s description of it as “strenuous” is any indication, it’s best that we be well-rested for it! On that note, I wish you all a good night and pleasant dreams.



1.Nav masters
2. Pearse pierced
3. Shower time!
4. Lenox anxiously awaiting her COVID test
5. Hair brushing extravaganza
6. Saltying in the rain
7. Julia and Kiara collect data for their group’s biofouling project