Location: Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Tarantulas, hummingbirds, termites, trees, more trees, rain, and more rain…. that pretty much sums up our day. This morning we woke up bright and early for our Rainforest Adventure. Isa, Will, and Adelaide made some yummy french toast, and we packed up our lunches for the day. We then got into the dinghies and headed to shore, where we were met by James and Jamal, our 2 taxi drivers. Once at the rainforest, we split up into two groups and began our “hike” or, as some people on this boat would call it, “stroll.” In my group (Me, Isa, Chief, Jodie, Mike, Luke, and Ash), we thoroughly enjoyed our talkative tour guide, Junior. He told us all about the rainforest and what lives there and the history of St. Lucia, and what growing up and living on the island has been like for him. In the other group (Adelaide, Zoe, Isabel, Will, Ben, Kiara, Calum, and Sophie), they ate some termites for extra protein. They saw a tarantula which they were all pretty excited (and a little freaked out) about. Towards the end of the hike, it started pouring rain.. which was very fitting since we were in the rainforest. It was extremely lush green and smelled amazing during the downpour, a great way to end the adventure. Once we got back to the boat, where Riley, Xonel, Margeaux, and Steve were holding down the fort, we had some quiet study time. With only 20 days left, classes are wrapping up, and finals are upon us. Following a delicious dinner by Isa and her sous chefs of Arepas, chicken, and beans, we took a Marine Bio quiz. Now I am sitting here writing the blog and hearing about Steves day, which went like this…….
Steves Day: checked the sea strainers, jinks, sea chests, and engine generator, Degreased the engine room bilges, Cleared us out of customs (they were friendly), Drank two cups of tea (two sugars, one with milk…. no BS problem milk like almond and soy which dairy-free people, like me, have to “deal with”). Thanks, Captain Steve, for keeping the boat afloat!

Picture 1- Mask Selfie
Picture 2- Horror
Picture 3- Tasty Termites
Picture 4- Learning about the rainforest
Picture 5- Cool Tree
Picture 6- Model Isa
Picture 7- Model Mike