Location: 16 31. 88'N 62 27.23'W

First off, I want to give a shoutout to the McCormick family.


Second off, do not fear; the students on this boat are being fed incredibly well lots of food containing the majority of the food pyramid regrettably, no waffles.

Third off, the crew on this boat is fantastic. All wonderful people, even the bald ones.

Now let’s talk about today as it was our first full day of continuous sailing. For those who have little to no experience sailing, it was quite exciting. We did our first Boat Watch, which consists of a team of 9, making sure the ship sails smoothly day and night, which means that we have the pleasure of rising around 4 in the morning. Yay. But we still have a good time working together on Argo, becoming more and more a part of the crew every day. Around noon today, we spent the afternoon working on tacking (turning the boat into the wind, against the wind) and jibing (turning the stern into the wind, much scarier), which enables the boom (big metal beam holding our sail) to swing wildly in all directions. Quite invigorating! After our sailing lessons, the day really wound down and fell back into the awesomeness that is sailing in the Caribbean. Including the beautiful ocean, Dolphins, good dinner, and Coast Guard planes. Well, its time for me to begin my watch. 8-12 shift, not bad in the least.


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