Location: Athens, Greece

Today we had a great time exploring Athens. First we went to the National Archaeological Museum and got to enhance our classic Greek Mythology with viewing of the Mask of Agamemnon. Another highlight of the museum was the bronze statue of what we thought was Poseidon or Zeus. After we went strolling around the Athens Flea Market. Everyone bought a nice souvenir and I had the most amazing spinach pie and sesame bread twist. The group got a chance to truly get a feel for Greek culture. After we finished our exploring at the Flea Market we went back to Argo and began our boat intros. Everyone was given their PFDs and had a quick brief chat about watch teams and names of all the sails and lines. Later on that evening we continued studying our Greek Classic Mythology and wrote more journal entries. We finished our action packed day with a squeeze question before dinner: ‘If you could turn into any Greek God over night who would it be?” For dinner we had a very spicy curry chicken. Now everyone around Argo is preparing to wake up at 5:00 am for our first sail! P.S Shout out to Mike, aka ‘Boss-man” Happy Birthday!