Location: Cartagena, Spain

Today we had a hiking/chill day. Those of us that went on the hike had an awesome time climbing around mountains, exploring an abandoned fort, swimming at the beach, and making fun of my weird cactus scrape injuries. I think it was Tom who said, “You look like a cougar clawed you.” I don’t mind. As Leah screamed directly after I fell into the prickliest cactus in Spain, let alone the world, “souvenirs!” I was wondering what to get for my parents anyway. Cartagena is an incredibly old city, and it was really fun to explore this part of its history. After the hike, we all took a bus back into the middle of town and headed back to the boat. Liza and I got a little lost on the way back, but I got a good squeeze question out of it (What’s the most memorable thing a stranger has ever said to you?), and I remembered that its often more fun to lose yourself in a city than it is to know where you are going. I should know, I’m usually the one getting lost. set date: 2012-10-18