Location: Underway to Gibraltar

On this passage, the crew has had the chance to experience something we have mostly evaded thus far on the trip underway: rain. The morning drizzled its way into existence, as the lights of coastal Spanish towns to starboard that were our steadfast beacons overnight faded with a gradual lightening of the sky. We’re all looking forward to daylight savings time when we can look forward to seeing sunlight before 9 a.m. As the day wore on, the rain dissipated, and the crew was able to dry out their treasured foul weather gear and shed some layers. Afternoon classes included Emergency First Responder training and then a leadership class where everyone discussed their personality types. The sun made a welcome appearance during dinner, where we all sang Happy Birthday to Kelly and enjoyed a delicious brownie cake. This evening we’ll be discussing artificial reefs in marine biology class and look forward to arriving in Gibraltar tomorrow morning! set date: 2012-10-20