Location: Gibraltar

“Kiss me, Hardy!” The famous last words of Admiral Horatio Nelson struck down by a sniper’s bullet at the Battle of Trafalgar. He lived just long enough to hear of his decisive victory over the French. Fortunately for us, there aren’t quite so many battles being fought over this little spit of land as there were a few hundred years ago, and we arrived in relative peace. Gibraltar became a British overseas possession in 1714, and despite Spain’s best efforts has remained so ever since. The passage in last night was a little dodgy; there is a lot of big weather moving through the region right now, so we had to slip into anchorage near the Spanish city of Malaga to wait for our window of opportunity. Gibraltar is our last big stop before the two-week ocean crossing, and this is our last chance to resupply the chocolate-chip cookie rations so vital to maintaining crew morale. Depending on the weather, we’ll spend a few days here before quick stops in Morocco and the Canaries. After that, it’s across the Atlantic and on to the Caribbean. We all can’t wait to enjoy the sparkling blue waters and white sandy beaches. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow back home. Cheers!

set date:2012-10-21