Location: Road Town, Tortola, BVI

We woke up to the remnants of a squall like the world was upset it was our last day. After our foul weather gear was rain soaked and breakfast we all cleaned our bunks and set into giving back to the vessel we all call home. It was our way of thanking Ocean Star for the safe passage and experience to clean her up all nice for the next voyages. The B.A. was fun and it was nice to know we were treating our home well, after all as Dan says “boats have souls.” If that’s the case, Ocean Star now looks like the prom queen. After B.A. we signed out of our crew duties, regained our passports and readied ourselves for a nice, emotional final dinner. None of us can think of a negative word towards this experience it has been epic. We will never forget the friends, skills and points of self realization we’ve gained from this journey. 40 days I would never change.