Location: 10 02.36'S 140 57.96'W

Bon Soir,

After five days brimming with Marquesian adventure, we hauled anchor, raised the sails, and resumed our journey west towards Ahe atoll, a three-day sail away. The sails were up in record time, and we were back out to the open ocean, surging forth into the deep blue. As our last passage of a considerable length begins, we have all begun to reflect on how far we’ve come, the adventures we’ve shared, and how soon this voyage will come to an end. It seems unanimous among the crew that we could happily continue on past Tahiti in search of new adventures and exotic places. We appreciate the most mundane, simple aspect of boat life as we recognize that our life aboard Argo is quickly nearing its end.

This afternoon we were joined by a large group of synchronized swimming dolphins off the port bow. After a brief commotion, we commenced our lunch, clean-up, and classes. There was an informative afternoon of student research project presentations, followed by the fascinating world of VHF operation. Due to a time change, darkness fell upon us during supper time. We enjoyed a steak dinner under the romantic ambiance of cool starlight. After the meal, we convened to reflect on our favorite woods to work with and favorite power tools. The conversation was intimate. Much was revealed. I believe we all feel a new level of comfort with one another following the discussion.