Location: 11 52.85'S 143 14.88'W

It has been a relaxing day here on the sea in French Polynesia. We crossed the 6000 (nautical) mile mark at some point last night, and we’re a bit more than halfway done with this short passage to Ahe Atoll. A brisk rain shower helped start the morning by getting everyone to take his or her belongings off of the drying lines. Because we changed the clock again (last night we gained a half-hour), this morning’s watch team had a very early sunrise, and the evening light felt as though it vanished quickly. A notable communication device was constructed this morning to assist with communication between the cockpit and bow watch (pictured here). Lunch was simple but good, baked potatoes, baked beans, Greek salad with goat cheese, and dinner was a great rendition of steak-pot-pie with rice and green beans. Otherwise, nothing exceptional to report. This will be my final log entry (same for anyone who has written in a couple of weeks), as we are now entering the 10-day countdown until the end of the semester.