Location: 13 42.81'S 145 18.77'W

Dear Loyal Readers,

As you are well aware, our journey is coming quickly to an end. In testimony to this fact is tonight, our last night serving watches from 8-12, 12-4, and 4-8 (AM). I will truly miss passage life. Life on passage is a weird blur – days are subjective and start to revolve mostly around the noon and evening meals. Free time is usually not abundant, but when it is, it’s used to soak in some nice forward cabin A/C or read a book up on deck. Passage life is so great because of how simple it is – how your tasks and objectives are clear for every day and the fact that you get to spend that day with 25 awesome people.

Today we were able to get some solid sailing in and in the right direction too! We sported four sails and cruised at around 9 knots for a good part of the day. Our afternoon was taken up by our last PEN (Sailing class) examination concerning VHF radio procedures. Hopefully, everyone has passed, and now is a certified IYT crew! Showers on deck are back to normal thanks to Captain Ben and First Mate Ian Wiggin’s clutch water-maker whispering. Note – I ran out of body wash in Nuku Hiva and was forced to buy a bar of French soap. I’ve never really been a bar of soap kind of guy, but this stuff smells pretty good, and hey, people change. Showers were followed by a nice lazy afternoon, which the crew took advantage of by taking naps, reading, studying, and various shenanigans. The cooks cranked up the heat in the salon while they prepared us beef roast for dinner, and the sun crashed into the horizon in a classic, beautiful open-ocean sunset.

I’m definitely going to miss the odd lifestyle that we adopt while on passage, and will enjoy intrinsically waking up at 0400 every two days for weeks to come.

Everyone is happy and healthy, and can’t believe that we only have eight days remaining.

This is my last blog post! I hope that my entries have been mostly bearable, and I thank you for taking the time to read them.

Shouts out to Mom, Dad, Graham, Dog, Papa, and also Audge for keeping up with my many adventures. I love you all and can’t wait to see you soon!

Thanks for reading!



Pic 1 – Sails

Pic 2 – Tom thinking very hard during his VHF examination

Pic 3 – Parker taking it easy n’ breezy with some Fore-cabin AC

Pic 4 – Clean view off the bowsprit

Pic 5 – Various shenanigans