Location: Prickly Bay Marina, Grenada

Day 22, another beautiful day in Grenada . Wow time is flying by aboard O-star. The day began with the usual morning swims and exercise routines before breakfast. Following breakfast there was excitement in the air because once again we were getting back in to the water to do some diving. YEAH DIVING!!! Many divers were starting their advance course with beach navigation practice (under a towel with compass in hand) and then a navigation adventure dive while others were finishing up some skills for their open water certification. The divers keeping it classy, as always-demonstrated proper “like a pro” giant stride entries leaping from the caprail into the water. After diving and lunch there was a Marine Biology review session with Matty for our first OCB exam. Shore time followed with many people heading out once again into St. George to go to the outdoor market place to get spices and other handcrafted local goods. A brave few, JP, Will, Matty and I, ventured to seek out some small boat sailing practice with some hobie cats. Once back from the various shore ventures shower time occurred with Eddy, Van, Tor, Will and JP perfecting their ‘Super Butterfly style’ back flips from the bowsprit. Ryn was also involved, learning and successfully landing her back flip on her very first attempt. After the epic back flip session the Divemaster Candidates, Van and Will completed their 15 minutes treading water physical exercise test. It is now after dinner and everyone in getting in the last bit of studying time for their test, which is going to start very shortly! setdate:2012-10-11