Location: Prickly Bay Marina, Grenada

The best way to begin any day is with a breakfast of homemade biscuits and gravy; add a little honey and perfection is complete. Those of us in need of our CPR and our First Responder certifications or just a refresher in the course sat studiously down below in the salon this morning, while the others who were already certified had some free study time. The rest of our day was given to us for the exploration of Grenada. Splitting off into smaller groups some spent a day market side and hunted out the colloquial quirks. Mango smoothies with real mangoes are probably the epitome of my existence. The cool melt in your mouth sensation after a sweltering day of market time explorations is wondrous and vastly appreciated all around. Many decided they hadn’t had enough of the waterfalls yesterday and went to seek out a fifty footer and took the jump more than once thankfully they got some pretty good pics to share. After a dinner of 3 different types of chicken drum sticks (the chefs added teriyaki chicken amongst others, thank you chefs) we had the second part of our EFR class which included mainly the secondary care part of first aid such as bandaging and creating slings. Practicing on each other provided plenty of entertaining photo ops. Good night from O’ Star! setdate:2012-10-10