Location: Grenada

Words can’t even begin to describe how truly unbelievable our day was today. We started off the morning right with a ship-wide favorite of Breakfast Burritos, then quickly ran through our clean up routine excited for it all to begin. First things first, the packing of our adventure packs; full of sunscreen, fully charged cameras, PB and J’s, fruit, chips and water bottles filled to the brim! We then jumped in the dinghies and headed into shore where Bernard, our taxi van driver, was waiting patiently to drive us through town and high up into the mountain range. We reached the trail head after about a 30 minute drive on a classic island highway and jumped out ready to get right into the thick of things, which we did quite literally; the thick of the jungle! Being the trailblazer in the front of the group was quite the experience as we all charged on enthusiastically deep into the muddy jungle. It was pretty neat to hear all the conversations and comments of encouragement between the shipmates as the incline grew steeper, the foliage more dense and the mud a bit thicker. At one point a few of us even decided barefoot was a better option then getting shoes stuck in the muck and found the extra grip and mud between your toes very liberating! After about an hour and half we made it to the top and found a giant boulder to safely clamber up and took in one of the most exquisite views of a lifetime. Many pictures were taken, high fives given, smiles shown and long chugs from water bottles to refresh the crew before heading back down the ridge line. This time around though, it was JP, Jake, Will and Albert who took the lead and cheered for the rest of us as we, one by one, made it back down. Next was a quick stop for lunch beside a very beautiful lake. Once the crew felt a bit more nourished and the energy level was back up, we walked a little further down the hill to the family owned and operated property where the Seven Sisters Waterfalls were located. We were greeted by our dear friend Super Butterfly (no joke) who wasted no time in welcoming us with freshly cut sugar cane bits with his machete. Once the sweet teeth were satisfied, we set off again trekking through his family’s property and deep into the jungle, stopping every once in awhile for Super Butterfly to tell us about the banana and nutmeg trees and various other flora and fauna. Finally, we reached our much anticipated destination and wasted no time in jumping in the pool which was at the foot of a pristine 30-40 ft waterfall. The water was much colder in comparison to the lush 87 degree ol’ Caribbean but it was just what we all needed after hiking in the heat all day. Super Butterfly then proceeded to lead all of us up the mountain side and we took turns safely jumping off numerous waterfalls. We cannot thank Super Butterfly enough for bringing each of us to that Atomic Moment. The moment where you’re standing on top of an unbelievably beautiful waterfall- about to jump and you feel so full of life! Full of excitement, a bit of nerves and determination to be brave and just go for it! Wow! What a memorable experience it was for us all. Now that we’re back on board relaxing and relishing the day, not only are there some pretty amazing pictures that were taken but I’m going to bet there are going to be some pretty sore muscles tomorrow!