Location: Grenada to Carriacou

After an amazing couple of days spent in the interior of Grenada jumping off waterfalls and climbing Mt. Qua Qua, the crew woke up to delicious Spanish Omelets cooked by the chiefs of the day JP and Meaghan. While anchored just outside the city of St. George, Matty conducted a lab where we created Phytoplankton and Zooplankton with skittles and tooth picks. We then had a competition to see which design was the most successful at achieving neutral buoyancy. After the lab we set off for Carriacou, a 7 hour sail and ate dinner underway with another outstanding meal by the chiefs while admiring a breathtaking sunset. We finished the evening off with a tropical squall waking the young sailors straight out from their bunks and up into the blowing winds and the dark sea. A torrential downpour then got the sailors into foul weather gear, as the whole crew successfully took down the sails and dropped anchor in the dark night. Minutes later the crew found themselves drying off and eating late night sandwiches on deck. The evening was an EPIC success. Today was an overall slam dunk with many laughs, a couple pranks, and many lessons learned. None of this would have been possible without such an epic Ocean Star crew!!! setdate:2012-10-12