Location: Carriacou to Union

Most of us woke up tired and a bit groggy after last nights intense sail into Carriacou. It’s a cool grey morning which is juxtaposed against the colorful port nestled between the green mountains. On our taxi ride we learned that the island seems quite hilly but the highest peak is only a thousand feet, this causes a lack of precipitation as no clouds are trapped in the elevation. So water is a pivotal issue on the island, with a proud six thousand people calling it home. Most are descendants of plantation eras, the locals are very friendly and have a tight bound with one another. Much of the heritage of the island comes from their boat building, specifically the legendary Carriacou sloop. Shallow draft, wide beam and broad transom make an ideal cargo design for the beam reach commute between their beach front boatyards known as Windward and St. Lucia. An ex pro tennis player, after 30 years on island, is as local as they get, affectionately known as Dave. He gave us a unique tour of the boat yards via the back of his truck as well as his charming three year old daughter Bella, patiently went along for the ride. After a beach side lunch we said farewell to Carriacou and headed for Union, the gateway to the Grenadines, where we skillfully dropped our two anchors between the myriad of reefs and patiently await the next chapter in our story. setdate:2012-10-13