Location: Gustavia, St. Barthelemy

We wandered up on deck, rubbing sleep from our weary eyes to witness St. Barths glowing in the early morning sun. We had spent the night sailing from St. John’s, and what an interesting night it had been. Despite Eric’s plea, the winds did not favor us, and our voyage was full of shifty winds, jibing back and forth and running away from thunderstorms. After having such consistent, calm seas, the voyage was a welcome change for everyone, no matter how tiring. We pulled into the harbor around 9:30 am, ate a quick breakfast of cereal and yogurt, then began to make Ocean Star sparkle and shine with a brief BA (Boat Appreciation). We flaked the sails, scrubbed the deck, and made sure our personal spaces were neat and tidy as always. After waiting out a small rainstorm, we moved further into the harbor and, in a beautiful display of maneuvering and teamwork, landed stern-to at the dock. The spectators that had gathered to watch us dock were impressed, to say the least. Once the ship was safely in place, we were released to explore the island. St. Barths is a French island, and although not all of us could speak the language, we could all appreciate the beautiful shops and culture. Making our way back to the ship around 4:30, we sat back and relaxed until a wonderful dinner of angel hair pasta with meat sauce prepared fabulously by Phil and Arielle. After dinner, we took an Oceanography quiz on tides, currents, and waves and then began our unit of biological oceanography. It was a relatively relaxing yet productive day after a long and exciting night of sailing, and I do believe we’re all going to sleep well tonight.